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Welcome to our roundup of the most exquisite mercury ornaments available in the market.

From shimmering mirrors to glistening figurines, we’ve gathered a diverse selection to suit every taste and budget. Explore these stunning creations and discover why mercury ornaments continue to captivate collectors and home decor enthusiasts alike.

The Top 11 Best mercury ornaments

  1. Beautiful Silver Mercury Glass Ornaments (9 Pack) — Bring Victorian elegance to your festive decor with this set of 9 handcrafted Silver Mercury Glass Ornaments, featuring an exquisite patina and a sturdy hanging twine.
  2. Rose Mercury Glass Ball Ornament for Unique Holiday Décor — Add a touch of whimsy to your holiday decor with the Creative Co-op Flocked Mercury Glass Ball Ornament, featuring a rose and silver flocked finish that perfectly complements any festive design scheme.
  3. Mercury Glass Ornaments for Decor — Elevate your holiday decor with these exquisite Embossed Mercury Glass Ornaments, combining 90% glass and 10% iron metal for a luxurious touch.
  4. Melrose Distressed Mercury Glass Ornament Set — Brighten up your Christmas tree with the Blue Green Distressed Mercury Glass Ornament Set by Melrose — a beautiful and durable addition to your festive decor.
  5. Mouth-blown Gold Mercury Glass Ornament Set — Add sparkle to your home with these Mercury Glass Ornaments, handmade in a Fair Trade Factory, creating sustainable opportunities for artisans and workers.
  6. Elegant Mercury Glass Embossed Garland Ornament — Red — This magnificent 72" Embossed Mercury Glass Garland Ornament in Red adds a touch of elegance and charm to your holiday decor, perfect for mantels, windows, or as a standalone centerpiece.
  7. Red Mercury Glass Kugel Ornament Set for Vintage Holiday Tree Decorations — Bring a touch of old-world charm to your holiday decor with the vintage-inspired Red Mercury Glass Kugel Ornament Set, featuring intricate details and rust-resistant hardware for a long-lasting festive look.
  8. Shatterproof Mercury Glass Ornament Set for Indoor Celebrations — Add a touch of vintage elegance and safety to your tree with this Shatterproof Mercury Ornament Set, featuring 9 vibrant ornaments in gold, silver, and red glitter.
  9. Large Mercury Glass Pink Finial Ornament — Impressive 14-inch mercury glass-style pink finial ornament with hand-painted glitter accents and convenient silver braided cord for easy hanging.
  10. Under The Sea Mercury Ornaments Set of 6 — Adorn your tree with mesmerizing underwater magic, featuring six unique sea creatures in a mercury ornaments set that evokes the antique allure of mercury glass.
  11. 3" Silver Mercury Ornament — Elegant Design — Add a touch of elegance to your decor with this 3" Silver Mercury Ornament — a stunning, intricately designed addition to your home or workplace.

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Beautiful Silver Mercury Glass Ornaments (9 Pack)


I recently stumbled upon these delightful Silver Mercury Glass Ornaments, a set of 9 that brought a touch of Victorian elegance to my home. Each ornament was a unique work of art, hand-blown with a stunning silver mercury glass finish that radiated an antique charm. The vibrant colors and intricate shapes added to the ornaments’ enchanting allure.

Hanging these delicate glass beauty was a breeze, thanks to the included hanging twine. They were sturdy enough to withstand the weight and the occasional bump without breaking apart. However, one drawback was that the ornaments were only available in a set of 9, and I would have loved the option to purchase them individually in a variety of colors.

Overall, these Silver Mercury Glass Ornaments made a beautiful addition to my decor, and their enchanting appearance made them the talk of the town. They certainly had an aura of elegance that set them apart from the ordinary ornaments.

Rose Mercury Glass Ball Ornament for Unique Holiday Décor

The magical mercury glass ball ornament from Creative Co-op adds a touch of whimsy to any seasonal display. Made with real glass, it boasts a velvety soft rose and silver color palette, beautifully accentuated by a gold finish. Its lightweight design makes it a breeze to hang, ensuring it’s an inviting addition to your holiday design scheme.

Despite its delicate appearance, it is sturdy and durable, making it a versatile ornament for year-round use.

Mercury Glass Ornaments for Decor

These beautiful Embossed Mercury Glass Ornaments add a touch of elegance to any decor. Made of 90% glass and 10% iron metal, these ornaments are not only beautiful but also durable.

The ornaments come with a cord and string for easy hanging. If you’re looking for mercury glass decorations that are unscented and have a modern style, these are the perfect addition to your collection.

With a hanging mount type, these ornaments are ready to impress all consumers.

Melrose Distressed Mercury Glass Ornament Set

I recently discovered the Blue Green Distressed Mercury Glass Ornament Set by Melrose at Michaels. The combination of blue and green, with the distressed design, instantly caught my attention. This set of ornaments is well-made, with each piece made from high-quality glass, promising a long-lasting beauty that can be appreciated for years to come.

One of the best things about these ornaments is that they look fantastic both up close and from afar. The wintry blue and earthy green tones contrast beautifully, creating a stunning visual that stands out among other holiday decorations. I was especially impressed with the distressed design, as it adds a sense of history and charm to each ornament, making them unique and memorable.

While I was setting up these ornaments, I did notice that some of the distressed areas may not be perfectly consistent across each ornament — a minor issue that might be worth mentioning. However, it does add to the overall character and imperfection, which only adds to their charm.

Overall, the Blue Green Distressed Mercury Glass Ornament Set by Melrose is a fantastic addition to any holiday decorating scheme. The unique design, combined with the high-quality craftsmanship, creates a beautiful set of ornaments that will surely stand out and impress.

Mouth-blown Gold Mercury Glass Ornament Set

These beautiful Mercury Glass Ornaments add a touch of elegance to any Christmas tree. Handcrafted with mouth-blown glass and featuring a delightful gold finish, these ornaments truly shine. Hang them with the included 3.5" hemp hanger, and watch as they bring warmth and sparkle to your festive decorations.

What’s even more special is that they’re made in a Fair Trade Certified factory, ensuring that the artisans who create them receive fair wages and safe working conditions. Plus, they’re lead-free, so you can appreciate their beauty without any concerns. If you’re looking to brighten up your holiday with something truly unique, these Mercury Glass Ornaments are the perfect choice.

Elegant Mercury Glass Embossed Garland Ornament — Red

It’s a warm, cozy day and as I walk into my home decorated for the holidays, I’m instantly drawn to the stunning display hanging over my fireplace mantel. Adorning it is a vibrant 72" Mercury Glass Garland Ornament in rich red and silver. The beauty of these ornaments is unlike anything I’ve seen before: each piece delicately etched to mimic the shimmering surface of liquid mercury.

The charm doesn’t stop at the etching; these embossed ornaments are also strung on a thin rope with intricate bronze toppers at each end. This combination gives the garland a sophisticated yet quaint look — it’s absolutely mesmerizing. Not only is it perfect for my mantel, but I also envision it weaving its way up along my windows, adding a magical glow to the otherwise ordinary.

And the best part? No batteries required; these natural-looking sparklers will brighten any space without the hassle of plugging in. The versatility in where these ornaments can be displayed is a true treasure, making my holiday decorations stand out from the rest.

However, there is one minor downside that I’ve noticed: if you plan on hanging it on the largest window mantel, you’ll need to add some extra string or loop the garland into place. But overall, this is a minimal and almost easily overlooked flaw given the exquisite charm it brings to my home.

In conclusion, this eye-catching Mercury Glass Garland Ornament is an extraordinary addition to any holiday festivities. It’s as unique as it is attractive, and with such delightful versatility, it truly makes the season feel merry and bright.

Red Mercury Glass Kugel Ornament Set for Vintage Holiday Tree Decorations

Bring a classic touch to your holiday tree with this set of 2 in Red Mercury Glass Kugel ornaments. Each ornament offers a unique rustic bronze hardware loop for easy hanging, adding a touch of vintage charm to your decorations. Available in three sizes — Large 4" Diameter, Medium 3" Diameter, and Small 2" Diameter — there’s a perfect fit for every branch.

Made of high-quality glass, these ornaments look stunning and stand up to wear and tear. Though some users commented on their smaller size and color variations from the product image, overall, the ornaments are a lovely addition to any festive tree.

Shatterproof Mercury Glass Ornament Set for Indoor Celebrations

As someone who loves to decorate their Christmas tree with a touch of vintage flair, the Shatterproof Mercury Ornament Set immediately caught my eye. With its nine charming ornaments inspired by traditional mercury glass ornaments, it brought a vibrant burst of color and festive charm to my holiday decor.

Using high-quality PET plastic, these ornaments are meticulously designed to mimic the classic mercury glass ornaments, while being safe from any potential damage. The use of velvet ribbons also added a premium touch to their hanging, creating an overall stylish and elegant presentation. As indoor use is recommended, it didn’t disappoint in terms of safety and aesthetic appeal.

One noticeable highlight was the variety in glitter colors; this set comes with three gold glitter, three silver glitter, two red glitter, and one multi glitter ornament. It made it easier for me to mix and match the ornaments on my tree, creating a cohesive and visually appealing display. However, some may see this as a downside if they prefer a more uniform look.

Overall, the Shatterproof Mercury Ornament Set exceeded my expectations with its elegant design, safety, and versatility. Its vintage charm would undoubtedly add a touch of sophistication to any Christmas tree.

Large Mercury Glass Pink Finial Ornament

I was excited to try these oversized ‘Mercury Glass’ Finial Ornaments in a chic pink color. Standing at 14 inches tall, they add a touch of elegance to any room.

What’s even better is that they look like real Mercury glass, but they’re made of acrylic! I loved the intricate hand-painting with glitter accents.

The silver braided cord included makes hanging them a breeze. The only downside was that the ornaments felt a bit lighter than expected, but overall, they still managed to make a statement in my space.

Under The Sea Mercury Ornaments Set of 6

I’ve added a touch of aquatic charm to my Christmas tree with the Under The Sea Mercury Ornaments. This beautiful set of six ornaments includes a variety of sea creatures, from a majestic whale and a wise old oyster, to a fierce shark and an adorable turtle. The ornaments themselves are crafted with intricate detail, capturing the beauty of these ocean dwellers.

Their silver, mirrored patina evokes the elegance of old-fashioned mercury glass, and they catch the reflected light from the tree in a dazzling display of sparkle. Despite being made of polyresin, these ornaments are surprisingly sturdy and I appreciate the jute hanging string they come with.

One thing to note is that they require a gentle wipe clean, so handling with care is necessary. Overall, I’m pleased with this set of ornaments and they have added a magical touch to my Christmas tree.

3" Silver Mercury Ornament — Elegant Design

I recently stumbled upon this 3" Silver Mercury Ornament and I must say, it has certainly brought some shine to my tree this holiday season. With its elegant round design, this ornament truly stood out amidst the usual pinecones and glittery baubles. The mercury finish added a unique, contemporary twist to traditional decor.

As for its quality, the ornament was surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to hang without worrying about breakage. However, it did give me some concerns about durability, especially considering the delicate finish. But overall, this silver mercury ornament was a delightful addition to my Christmas tree.

If you’re in the market for a unique and eye-catching ornament to brighten up your holiday celebrations, I would highly recommend giving the 3" Silver Mercury Ornament a try. Just be mindful of its delicate finish and handle it with care.

Buyer’s Guide

When searching for unique and eye-catching mercury ornaments, it is essential to consider various factors that will ensure your final purchase aligns with your expectations and preferences. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss important features to look for, necessary considerations, and general advice to help you make an informed decision when browsing through the wide selection of mercury ornaments available in the market.

Features to Look for in Mercury Ornaments

To ensure your mercury ornaments are of high quality and suitable for your needs, consider the following features when making your purchase:

  1. Material — Mercury ornaments can be made of different materials, including glass, metal, or ceramic. Ensure the material used is sturdy, durable, and has a high-quality finish. 2) Style — Each mercury ornament can have a distinct style, ranging from traditional to modern designs. Choose a style that complements the existing theme of your room or decor. 3) Size — Mercury ornaments come in various sizes, from small figurines to large-scale installations. Determine the appropriate size for your space and desired level of impact.

Considerations for Purchasing Mercury Ornaments

  1. Safety — Mercury can pose risks to human health and the environment. Ensure that the ornaments you purchase are made of materials that mimic the appearance of mercury but do not pose similar safety concerns. 2) Maintenance — Mercury ornaments may require special cleaning treatments or care, depending on the material used. Investigate the care requirements of the specific ornaments before making a decision. 3) Price — The price of mercury ornaments can vary greatly depending on the size, style, and materials used. Determine your budget and stick to it to find a high-quality ornament within your price range.

General Advice for Choosing Mercury Ornaments

  1. Shop around — Browse multiple online platforms and local stores to find the mercury ornament that meets your requirements and budget. 2) Read reviews — Customer reviews can provide valuable insights about the quality and performance of a mercury ornament. Take time to read through reviews before making a purchase. 3) Research — Gain knowledge about the different types of mercury ornaments available and the materials they are made of before making a decision. This will help you make an informed purchase and avoid buyer’s remorse.

Purchasing a mercury ornament for your home or office can add a unique and visually appealing touch to any space. By considering important features, necessary considerations, and general advice discussed in this buyer’s guide, you will be well-prepared to find the perfect mercury ornament that meets both your aesthetic and budgetary needs.


What are Mercury Ornaments?

Mercury ornaments are glass figurines that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. They are often characterized by their iridescent and swirling patterns, which resemble the appearance of molten mercury. These ornaments have been popular collectibles since the early days of glassmaking and are highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

Mercury ornaments are typically made using a technique called glass-blowing, which involves heating a glass rod until it reaches a molten state, then shaping it with a series of specialized tools. The resulting ornaments are often fragile and require careful handling to avoid damage. Despite their delicate nature, mercury ornaments continue to capture the imagination of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Why are they called Mercury Ornaments?

Mercury ornaments are called so due to their swirling, iridescent patterns that resemble the appearance of molten mercury. The term “mercury” is used as a result of the liquid-like quality and shimmering appearance of the ornaments, which mimic the metallic element that shares its name. The use of the term mercury adds to the ornaments’ allure and mystique, making them even more desirable to collectors and enthusiasts.

It is worth mentioning that the term “Mercury” is a common name for the chemical element designated by the symbol Hg (derived from the Latin word for Mercury, hydrargyrum). The name Hg comes from the Greek word for “liquid silver”, which alludes to the metal’s liquid-like appearance at room temperature, and its silvery color. This connection further emphasizes the similarity between the element and the ornaments that bear its name.

What are the main types of Mercury Ornaments?

There are several main types of Mercury ornaments, including but not limited to, figurines, vessels, and decorative objects. Each type showcases unique characteristics and designs that appeal to different collectors and enthusiasts. Some of the most popular types of Mercury ornaments include figurines of animals, people, and mythical creatures; vases and bottles with intricate shapes and patterns; and decorative objects, such as candlesticks and paperweights.

Figurines, for instance, often depict a wide range of subjects, from historical figures to flora and fauna. These ornaments are intended to represent a specific subject in minute detail, making them a favorite among collectors who appreciate fine art and craftsmanship. On the other hand, vessels and decorative objects are designed to showcase the unique qualities of the Mercury glassmaking technique, with their swirling, iridescent patterns and intricate designs.

How are Mercury Ornaments made?

Mercury ornaments are made using a traditional glass-blowing technique known as Murina. This process involves heating a glass rod until it reaches a molten state and then shaping it using a series of specialized tools. The skilled craftsman must manipulate the glass by blowing into it, applying heat, and rolling the glass on a metal rod to create the desired shape and pattern. This process can take several weeks, depending on the complexity of the ornament and the artist’s skill level.

Once the glass has been shaped, it is carefully cooled to prevent the glass from cracking or breaking. The cooling process also allows the ornament to maintain its vibrant swirling pattern, as the rapid cooling of the glass forms unique iridescent effects. The finished product is a delicate and intricate piece of art that requires expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.

What are Mercury Ornaments commonly used for?

Mercury ornaments are typically collected and admired for their aesthetic appeal and artistry. They are often displayed in glass display cases or collected in specialized storage units, such as ornamental storage boxes or drawers. Some collectors choose to incorporate Mercury ornaments into home decor by using them as accent pieces or placing them in prominent locations, such as on mantels or bookshelves. These ornaments are not commonly used for their original intended purpose, which was to contain liquids or serve as functional objects, due to their delicate and fragile nature.

Mercury ornaments continue to be a popular and sought-after item not only for their unique appearance but also as a representation of the skill and craftsmanship of the artisans who create them. Over time, these ornaments have become more than just collectibles; they are a testament to the enduring appeal of intricate glass artistry and the dedication of the artists who produce them.

How do I care for Mercury Ornaments?

To care for your Mercury ornaments, it is important to handle them with care, as they are delicate and fragile objects. When dusting or cleaning, use a soft-bristled brush or a low-pressure air duster to prevent scratches and damage. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, as heat or cold can cause the glass to expand or contract, potentially causing the ornament to crack or shatter.

It is also essential to maintain a consistent cleaning routine, using a gentle soap and warm water solution, applied with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. After cleaning, allow the ornament to dry thoroughly before storing it in a clean, dry, and dust-free environment. By following these guidelines, you can help prolong the life and beauty of your Mercury ornaments while continuing to enjoy their unique charm and allure.

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