Co2 Scrubbers

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Breathe easier with our roundup of the best Co2 Scrubbers available on the market today! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the features and benefits of these top-rated products. From air quality improvement to energy-saving technologies, these Co2 Scrubbers are designed to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. Get ready to discover the perfect solution for your home or office.

The Top 7 Best Co2 Scrubbers

  1. Icecap CO2 Scrubber: Improving Reef Tank pH Levels — Maintain optimal reef tank pH levels with the versatile IceCap CO2 Scrubber Medium, proven for its excellent performance and user-friendly installation.
  2. Reef Octopus Universal CO2 Scrubber for Aquarium CO2 Control — Maintain optimal pH levels in your reef tank with the Reef Octopus Universal CO2 Scrubber, featuring durable acrylic construction, dual valve control outlets, and a sealed airtight environment for maximum potency.
  3. Icecap Large CO2 Scrubber with Extra Media Package — The Icecap CO2 Scrubber, Large, is an eco-friendly solution for removing CO2, featuring extra absorbent media for enhanced performance, perfect for green living enthusiasts.
  4. Jumbo Dual CO2 Scrubber for Reef Tanks — The BRS DUO Jumbo CO2 Scrubber helps maintain optimal pH levels in your reef tank, preventing coral growth issues by effectively removing excess CO2.
  5. Icecap Medium CO2 Scrubber with Towel Package — The Icecap CO2 Scrubber, Medium with Two Little Fishies Carbon Media and Towel Package is a complete low pH solution that provides optimal coral growth by removing carbon dioxide, making it an excellent choice for aquarium enthusiasts.
  6. Bulk Reef Supply Jumbo Duo CO2 Scrubber — Introducing the BRS DUO Jumbo CO2 Scrubber — your reef tank’s ultimate solution for controlling CO2 levels and maintaining optimal pH for healthy growth of corals and aquatic life.
  7. AquaFX CO2 Scrubber Media Kit — Elevate your aquarium’s pH levels with the AquaFX CO2 Scrubber Kit — a must-have for closed environments with low fresh air, featuring easy installation, long-lasting media, and comprehensive accessories for optimal results.

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Icecap CO2 Scrubber: Improving Reef Tank pH Levels

I recently tried out the Icecap CO2 Scrubber Medium, a product that seemed promising in my quest to maintain optimal pH levels in my reef tank. It’s designed to help improve water quality and ensure my coral gets the nutrients it needs to thrive.

In my experience, the Icecap CO2 Scrubber Medium did a great job of increasing and keeping my pH levels within the ideal range. After just a few hours of installation, my pH shot up to 8.35 and stayed above 8 throughout the night. I’m quite pleased with its performance and the ease of installation made it a breeze to set up.

However, there were a few minor drawbacks. The mounting bracket seemed a bit flimsy, and the initial construction was not up to par as some users experienced broken brackets upon installation. Additionally, the product does not come with any tubing, which required me to purchase some separately.

Overall, the Icecap CO2 Scrubber Medium certainly earns its title by being a helpful tool for reef enthusiasts looking to improve their tanks’ pH levels. Considering the pros and cons, it seems like a solid choice, but potential buyers should be aware of the occasional issues and lack of included tubing.

Reef Octopus Universal CO2 Scrubber for Aquarium CO2 Control

The Reef Octopus CO2 Scrubber is a versatile reactor designed to enhance pH water levels in reef tanks. Boasting a compact profile and durable acrylic construction, it fits effortlessly under your tank and offers a visually appealing addition to your reef setup.

The scrubber features dual valve control outlets, ensuring precise control of water flow, and an airtight, sealed environment that preserves solution potency over time. Additionally, the Reef Octopus CO2 Scrubber comes with a recirculation setup option, allowing for more efficient CO2 reduction in your aquarium. While it might carry a higher price tag, this scrubber is a must-have for maintaining optimal pH levels and creating the perfect environment for coral growth in your reef tank.

Icecap Large CO2 Scrubber with Extra Media Package

The Icecap CO2 Scrubber is designed to keep your aquarium or pond crystal clear and healthy. With its large size, it can handle a significant amount of CO2, which means less maintenance for you. The Icecap Color Changing CO2 Absorbent Media is an added bonus, as it not only absorbs CO2 but also enhances your water’s appearance.

However, a potential issue could be the quantity of the media included; 2 kg might not be enough for larger tanks. Overall, this scrubber is a great choice for maintaining a pristine aquatic environment, and the included extra media certainly helps.

Jumbo Dual CO2 Scrubber for Reef Tanks

The BRS Jumbo Duo CO2 Scrubber is a handy addition to your reef tank setup, allowing you to maintain optimal pH levels and promote healthy coral growth. Its sleek design, featuring legs for added stability, makes it easy to connect directly to your skimmer’s venturi, ensuring efficient CO2 absorption.

While there are no reviews yet, it seems like a valuable tool for reef tank enthusiasts looking to enhance the well-being of their marine life community.

Icecap Medium CO2 Scrubber with Towel Package

The Icecap CO2 Scrubber is an essential tool for maintaining optimal pH levels in your reef tank. Its compact size, measuring at 9.5 inches in height and 4.5 inches in both width and length, is perfect for fitting in tight spaces. Inside this medium-sized unit, you’ll find a media capacity of approximately 1 kg, ensuring efficient CO2 removal.

For enhanced CO2 absorption, this package includes Two Little Fishies CDX Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Media, which effectively removes excess CO2 from the water. These media pieces are conveniently housed in a 3-liter container and can last for 6 weeks or longer depending on the flow rate. It’s essential to keep the CDX container sealed and never wet it with water to preserve its effectiveness.

Along with the CO2 Scrubber and adsorption media, this package also comes with a MarineAndReef Towel. This lint-free microfiber towel, measuring 19" X 15", is perfect for absorbing spills, messes, and accidents, making cleanup a breeze. The towels are specifically designed to avoid ruining your household towels, providing peace of mind when dealing with water-related spills. Overall, this Icecap CO2 Scrubber package with Two Little Fishies CDX Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Media and MarineAndReef Towel provides a comprehensive solution for maintaining a healthy reef tank environment.

Bulk Reef Supply Jumbo Duo CO2 Scrubber

The Jumbo Duo CO2 Scrubber from Bulk Reef Supply is a great addition to your reef tank, helping to remove excess CO2 and maintain the optimal pH level for coral growth. With its unique design and reliable performance, this CO2 scrubber ensures that your reef tank stays healthy and vibrant. The product has received high praise from users, with many noting its impressive construction and engineering quality.

However, it is worth mentioning that this CO2 scrubber is quite large, so users should plan for ample space before making their purchase. Overall, the Jumbo Duo CO2 Scrubber is a worthwhile investment for any reef tank enthusiast seeking to maintain optimal tank conditions.

AquaFX CO2 Scrubber Media Kit

Say goodbye to low pH in your aquarium with the AquaFX CO2 Scrubber Kit. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to raise pH levels and promote natural coral growth. Its sleek design is easy to install and comes with clear tubing to connect your skimmer to the CO2 Scrubber.

The kit features a heavy-duty aluminum bracket, a soda lime CO2 Scrubbing Media, and a filter wrench for hassle-free installation. This CO2 Scrubber media changes from white to pink when exhausted, making it simple to determine when it’s time for a replacement.

With its ability to treat up to 40–75 gallons of water, this kit is perfect for those looking to maintain a healthy pH balance in their aquarium.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the comprehensive buyer’s guide for CO2 scrubbers. In this section, we’ll discuss the key features, considerations, and general advice to help you make an informed decision when choosing a CO2 scrubber for your specific needs.

What is a CO2 Scrubber?

A CO2 scrubber is a device designed to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial exhaust gases. These scrubbers effectively clean the gas by passing it through a liquid that absorbs the CO2, preventing its release into the atmosphere. CO2 scrubbers are essential in industries that produce high levels of CO2 emissions, such as power plants, refineries, and chemical manufacturing facilities.

Important Features of CO2 Scrubbers

When selecting a CO2 scrubber, consider the following features that can impact its efficiency and overall performance:

  1. Scrubbing liquid: The choice of scrubbing liquid plays a crucial role in the scrubber’s CO2 capture efficiency and can vary depending on the specific application. Some common liquids used include water, caustic soda, and amine solutions. 2. Scrubbing system design: The design of the scrubbing system, including the type of contactor (spray tower, packed tower, or tray contactor) and the reboiler setup, can significantly impact the efficiency of CO2 removal. 3. Heat integration: Many CO2 scrubbers incorporate heat integration to minimize energy consumption, preventing the loss of valuable thermal energy in the process. This can lead to increased overall efficiency and cost savings. 4. Operational ease and safety: The CO2 scrubber should be easy to operate and maintain, with minimal maintenance requirements to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Considerations When Choosing a CO2 Scrubber

When selecting a CO2 scrubber, consider factors such as the required removal efficiency, the available space, and the expected maintenance requirements. Additionally, think about any local regulations or permits that may be relevant to your specific application. This will help ensure that your chosen CO2 scrubber meets the necessary requirements while maintaining optimal performance.

General Advice for CO2 Scrubber Selection and Use

To ensure the best performance and longevity of your CO2 scrubber, follow these general guidelines:

  1. Regularly inspect and maintain the scrubber, including cleaning the scrubbing liquid, checking for leaks, and monitoring for corrosion. 2. Train your team on proper operation and safety procedures to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the scrubber. 3. Periodically review and update your scrubber’s design and operation to ensure it remains effective and compliant with evolving regulations or technological advancements. 4. Consider partnering with a reputable supplier or manufacturer who can provide ongoing support and expertise to help you optimize your CO2 scrubber’s performance.


What is a CO2 scrubber and how does it work?

A CO2 scrubber is a device used to remove carbon dioxide from a gas stream. It works by applying a scrubbing liquid to the gas stream, which reacts with the CO2 to form a liquid CO2 complex that can be separated from the gas stream through condensation or absorption. This process helps to capture and reduce CO2 emissions, making it an effective tool for addressing air quality and climate change issues.

There are different types of CO2 scrubbers, including amine-based scrubbers and chemical absorption systems. These devices use various chemicals to react with CO2, such as amine solutions, alkali solutions, or chemical sponge packs. Once the CO2 is captured, the scrubbing liquid is treated to recover the CO2 and the chemical used in the scrubbing process, which can then be reused or disposed of properly.

What are some benefits of using a CO2 scrubber?

Using a CO2 scrubber has several benefits, including:

  1. reducing CO2 emissions to help mitigate climate change, 2) improving air quality by removing pollutants and odors from the atmosphere, 3) improving energy efficiency by utilizing captured CO2 as a resource for processes like enhanced oil recovery or urea production, and 4) providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution for air pollution control.

CO2 scrubbers can also help address issues such as acid rain, flue gas desulfurization, and mercury control. By capturing and treating CO2 emissions, these devices can significantly contribute to reducing the overall environmental impact of various industrial processes, while also improving public health and safety.

How much does a CO2 scrubber cost?

The cost of a CO2 scrubber can vary greatly depending on the type, size, and specific application. Generally, smaller, stationary CO2 scrubbers can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000, while larger, more complex scrubbers can cost millions of dollars. The overall cost will also depend on factors such as the price of the scrubbing chemicals, operational expenses, and any necessary permits or taxes.

It is essential to research and compare options from various manufacturers and suppliers to find the most cost-effective and efficient CO2 scrubber for your specific needs. Additionally, consulting with experts in the field can help you make an informed decision and ensure that you are investing in a high-quality, reliable, and sustainable solution for your air pollution control requirements.

Are there any safety concerns associated with CO2 scrubbers?

While CO2 scrubbers are generally safe to operate, there are a few safety concerns that should be addressed. One of the primary concerns is the need for proper ventilation and containment, as CO2 scrubbers generate and handle flammable gases, such as flue gases or combustion products. Proper maintenance, training, and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial to prevent accidents and ensure the safe operation of CO2 scrubbers.

Additionally, handling and storing the scrubbing chemicals used in the CO2 scrubbing process can pose some hazards. For example, amine-based scrubbers used in some CO2 scrubbers can be corrosive and toxic. Proper handling, storage, and disposal of these chemicals are essential to protect workers and the environment. It is also essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and local regulations related to the safe use of CO2 scrubbers and their associated chemicals.

How do I choose the right CO2 scrubber for my specific application?

When selecting a CO2 scrubber for your specific application, consider the following factors:

  1. the size of the CO2 emission stream, 2) the desired CO2 recovery rate, 3) the type and concentration of pollutants in the gas stream, 4) the available space and footprint, 5) the energy requirements and efficiency of the scrubber, and 6) the overall cost, including installation, maintenance, and operational expenses.

It is advisable to consult with experts in the field, such as engineering consultants or industry professionals, to help guide your decision-making process. They can provide you with valuable insights and recommendations based on your specific application requirements, while also helping you navigate any relevant permits, regulations, or incentives that may apply to your project.

What are the common maintenance practices for CO2 scrubbers?

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the safe and effective operation of a CO2 scrubber. Some common maintenance practices include regularly inspecting the scrubber for any signs of leakage, corrosion, or wear and tear. Regular cleaning of the scrubbing liquid and the internal components of the scrubber is also necessary to maintain its performance and efficiency. Additionally, it is essential to perform routine tests to monitor the scrubber’s performance and make any necessary adjustments or repairs as needed.

It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for maintenance practices and schedules. Regularly updating your maintenance procedures and staying informed about advancements in CO2 scrubber technology can help you improve the overall performance and efficiency of your scrubber while minimizing any potential safety concerns or downtime.

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